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Unfortunately, in Russia, prosthetics of a fellow are paid and, if predetermined, a man will arrange to slack material costs on his own.

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    Contrary to in belief, no. According to the latest research results published on the American Andrology Bond, self-satisfaction cannot be the movement of erectile dysfunction. In spite of that, this condition can be brought give via an obsession roughly the dangers of masturbation and lying ideas take the unenthusiastic consequences for the body.

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If all of the listed methods of narcotic analysis and drugs in return debilitation turned out-moded to be incompetent, the unaggressive is left with the no greater than way to clarify problems - a phaloprosthetics operation. During these interventions, a distinguished contrivance is installed reversed the penis, which is activated sooner than firm actions, and simulates a physiological erection.

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What to do with prolonged erection? In this situation, the tolerant needs to assign polar to the penis at home and lay one's hands on an antispasmodic advocate (Drotaverine, Platifillin, Papaverine, etc.). If, after 4 hours from the source of arousal, the penis remains adamant, it is resultant to urgently consult a doctor or call an ambulance. On the other hand, journal combination damage and exacerbation of impotency may occur. When is surgery necessary?

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As a convention, the throw away of these forms is not refractory exchange for a man. Injection forms (injections) are produced in the attitude of a especial syringe pen, which simplifies the application of the drug. After using them, most people episode temporary cramp in the penis, trace bruising and too lengthy persistent erection (longer than 3 hours) may appear.

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These methods consume a drug called Alprostadil, which improves blood gush to the penis and reduces blood originate from the organ. Correct to these two effects, a unflagging knee-breeches erection develops (up to 1-2 hours). The object occurs in 5-15 minutes. The prescription is injected into the penis close the assiduous himself, after a minuscule training from an andrologist.